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First, let’s have a moment of thanks to Spring starting to bathe us with sunny warm days. Thank you 🙏 🌞

Have you heard our exciting news?

We have confirmed the dates of this year's Cambridge Social Media Day!

SAVE THE DATE - 19-20 October 2021

We'll be meeting online once again and we will be using REMO like last year! Plus as usual, we are planning an amazing line-up of content for you.

To celebrate this amazing news we have 50 Super Early Bird tickets available for just £49!

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The Super Early Bird ticket will give you full access to the two days of events, plus complete access to the post-event access. You know the saying, early bird catches the worm...

Many of us (probably all of us) have been facing a lack of motivation. Are we right in thinking you tend to slack in your tasks when faced with this lack, waiting for motivation? Well, after some team’s experiments, we bring you this month’s quote.

"You don't need motivation. You need discipline."

Time to brew a cuppa and read this month’s social media news from Facebook that lost its lead in a generation; Twitter allows YouTube videos and a LinkedIn template on effective advertising campaigns.

Watch Youtube videos directly on Twitter and stay there!

Most platforms either put restrictions or make it difficult for you as a business to direct users outside platforms (link in bio we see you 👀).

It's a nice surprise to have Twitter reconsidering playing YouTube videos directly in the feed so that you don't have to leave the app, or as they say, "don't leave the conversation".

We think this is a good update for both users and businesses.

For businesses: you will be able to share your YouTube videos without asking too much of users to leave the app and watch the full video while still collecting views. Pro tip: use your hashtags wisely to have a higher reach.

For users: well, fewer distractions, instead of going here and there to finally forget what you were doing in the first place, now you can watch those YouTube videos and discover new accounts to follow.

Do you know where your audience is based on their age?

Group uprise, constant changes, monetisation, organic content decline, to name a few, are all challenges facing small business marketing on Facebook every day.

You must know by now that social media is not free when you calculate all your time, money and team effort into it. Knowing where your audience spends their time is integral to your marketing when the resources and budgets are limited.

Our message is, go where your audience is. Don't be afraid to stay where you are and experiment to achieve the results you need for growth, but also don't be afraid to shut down a platform that is no longer serving you. Is your primary target audience young adults? You probably want to rethink your Facebook page or group.

Facebook has been reported losing its lead as the most-used social brand among 12-34-year-olds in the US (...Duh 🙄)

See the latest breakdown by age in the image below for the top social media platforms.

Map out effective marketing campaigns on LinkedIn

This could be one of the best handouts a platform can ever give to its users. LinkedIn has put together a fantastic Template for Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning. The template is a full guide to different campaigns, objectives, ad sets, creatives and more. Step by step, you will gain a clear plan based on your campaign goal.

LinkedIn might be one of the most expensive social media platforms to advertise on and the results of its advertising campaigns are sometimes questionable. If we dare to say that we haven't personally noticed or engaged with many ads on LinkedIn, due to poor targeting or irrelevant messages.

A good sign: Maybe it's not too much competition on ads there, and marketers are making mistakes in targeting correctly. Hence, Template for Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning. Thank you, LinkedIn 🙇‍♂️!

A bad sign: Maybe because it's not worth it and businesses are refraining from investing in LinkedIn Ads?

A solution: You will probably find a £50 coupon to redeem on Advertising Credits through your Campaign Manager. Give it a try if you're new to LinkedIn advertising.

Are you breaking Facebook Group rules? Watch out 🚨

Facebook has announced that the more rule-breaks you get, the more your Group gets punished by Facebook’s algorithm.

Things you need to know 👇

  • Facebook stopped recommending health groups in favour of sending users to official sources for health information, including information about Covid-19.
  • Users worldwide won’t be "recommended" civic or political groups when browsing Facebook.
  • Users who attempt to join groups that have a history of breaking Facebook’s Community Standards will be alerted to the group’s admins through a warning message.
  • If the admin or moderator repeatedly approves rule-breaking content, Facebook will then take the entire group down.

Things you need to do👇

  • Investigate your members' requests to join before you approve to look up any 🐟 content.
  • Switch on the "Post approvals" to reduce the risk.

We don't necessarily think that these penalties solve the real issue of violence, verbal abuse and misinformation as the groups will remain to be found by search even if they're punished by the algorithm. If you're interested, read the article discussing the topic more in-depth.


  • UK social media influencers warned over ad rules breaches over widespread disregard for disclosure rules around ads and sponsored content. Read on The Guardian.
  • Still struggling with Facebook? Launches new 'Social Skills' Business tips video series to help businesses succeed on the platform. Read on Social Media Today.
  • We thought you'd like to know that Facebook lets you hide ‘Red Dot’ notifications on the desktop! Find out how from Matt Navarra's tweet.
  • Confused by YouTube Shorts? Here's an overview and explainer of its short video format in this video (P.S: you can skip to 'What is Shorts').

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