We messed up! 🚨 | Are you missing out on higher engagement on Instagram?

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Hello again!

We seriously messed up today! 🚨

We did send out an email that didn't go though our usual rigorous double checking & triple checking process where we make sure that all looks and works the way it should. We rushed it and sent out an email with incomplete information and not working links.

We're really sorry Reader, and hope you'll keep reading our future newsletters!

Before we dive into all the social media shenanigans, we wanted to say a huge congratulations to all the amazing women who were nominated and shortlisted for the Digital Women Awards 2021 πŸŽ‰.

Congratulations to our community rockstars Lenka Koppova, Krishna Solanki, Kelly Cuesta, Rachel Extance, and Thana Asaad (P.S. sorry if we've missed your name, but well done nevertheless πŸ’™)

You'd be happy to know that February has been a slower month for social media news and updates (THANK GOD πŸ™).

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Ready? This won't be long so let's go...

This one is for small businesses! Mark has your back on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp

Do you market and advertise your small business? Then it's inevitable that you're on one of those 3 platforms (if not all).

We've said it before and we just wanted to remind you that more than ever, that all Facebook products & tools have been going through major optimisation changes in favour of small businesses so that you can connect with your audience (via Facebook Groups πŸ‘₯) and advertise your products/services (via Shops πŸ›’).

We believe that this reaffirmation from Mark gives hope to small business owners to have a piece of the 🍰 along with the big players.

It also makes us wonder what do they have in store for pages, though! We're interested to know how has your Facebook page been performing? reply to this email and share your thoughts.


Are you missing out on higher engagement and conversion on Instagram?

Stacey from Hootsuite made an experiment with posts on Instagram comparing engagement of posts with and without the famous line 'link in bio'.

The results are that the 'link in bio' posts performed better in terms of reach, impressions and engagement.

Actually, whether this line contributes or doesn't to better engagement, we must say it's very crucial to always include it in your captions. With all the changes and noise on Instagram, why would you want to miss out on someone visiting your website and potentially becoming a customer? πŸ€”

This experiment also mentions the link-in-bio providers, the likes of Linktree or Taplink, and whether they have a good impact on your website's traffic.


Access Instagram Academy for Business from your Professional Dashboard

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Thank you for reading again and we're sorry for our mistake!

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