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Hi Reader,

The social media world might seem cluttered, and that platforms are continually updating and changing, making you feel that you can't keep up. We're here to help you NOT feel this way.

That's why we're aiming to bring you those updates and resources that are confirmed and are ready to be tested and learned. For you to feel less overwhelmed and more in control, ready to take action!

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Instagram introduces FAQ

This feature is great for e-commerce. Instagram now allows businesses to set up 4 FAQs on their business Instagram accounts. Team it up with your Saved Replies and you've saved yourself a lot of time answering the same questions again and again!

See how we set up our CSM FAQs

We've also been using the Saved Replies feature for a while now where we try to welcome our new followers with a message to introduce ourselves, where to find our resources and more.

The FAQ set up can be done in the 3 steps:

Go to Settings > Business > and you will find Frequently Asked Questions along with the Saved Replies feature.

Also, the FAQs will mostly appear to users who are not following your account/or haven't interacted with you before (so far) ☝️


Twitter tips to improve your Twitter Ads (and we think organic too)

Twitter shared their big 3 C's (Concise, Clear, Conversational) for better branding, followed by the big 3 R's (Resonance, Relevance, Recency) for better campaigning. While Twitter's focus, might seem only for paid promotions, it certainly is something to keep in mind for #OrganicSocial - and we're big supporters of organic ✌️

So, if Twitter is a main platform for you, and you enjoy building connections there with like-minded people, or potential customer. Before you set free that ad (or Tweet) 🐦 ask yourself:

  1. has similar content generated engagement?
  2. is this tweet relevant to my target audience?
  3. and is my language fresh and engaging?


TikTok advertising?

This is less than a 5-mins walk-through Ads Manager video to learn to set up your Ads Manager and how to set up your ad campaign.

Some stats for you, Reader:

  1. TikTok now has over 1 million users!
  2. The App has recently done several updates serving small-to-medium businesses such as the Small Business Resource Center.
  3. Not only that, the time spent on the App has surpassed 20 hours per month.

Is TikTok for you? will it be part of your 2021 marketing plan?

If you're entirely new to TikTok and want to know what it's all about, why not watch our Facebook Live Discovering TikTok: Is it Worth The Hype? with Rebecca Holloway. Not convinced? here's an inspirational video of small business case studies by TikTok For Business.


LinkedIn has launched on-demand video courses

We've been witnessing LinkedIn's impressive growth for years now. And it was not surprising when we asked the community what your main platform for marketing your business in 2021 is and guess which was the top voted πŸ₯...#LinkedIn

Poll on our FB Group

LinkedIn is now offering you a new free online learning centre called LinkedIn Marketing Labs. It will teach you about LinkedIn marketing strategy, best practices, analysis and optimisation.

Their initial courses are:


Have you missed our past LinkedIn training or need a refresher? Watch the replay on our Facebook Group here How to make your brand more visible on LinkedIn with Ella Orr and How to build a better LinkedIn presence with John Espirian​



  • Facebook now has a dedicated Event type for classes. We checked and it seems available for personal accounts only for now (not pages, nor groups, but this could change). Also, these classes can only be conducted for free. Read Matta Navara's Tweet​
  • Pinterest Rolls Out Dynamic Creative Ad Specialty. The rocketing 85% YOY increase in Pinners' engagement with shopping might be the reason Pinterest wants to make sure businesses and content creators are leveraging the tool efficiently. Adweek news here​
  • Pinterest now has a section to highlight Story Pins. [Social Media Today]
  • LinkedIn has introduced a filter to help you target invitations to follow your company page. [@Jens_Polo]
  • Clubhouse has introduced a feature that lets room moderators report trolls, leading them to be permanently banned. Hopefully, there are safeguards against this being misused. [@MattNavarra]

Upcoming events:

Plus we're running weekly Social Media Q&As for SMEs rooms on Clubhouse! If you don't know what Clubhouse is or if you should be on it, check out the replay of our panel discussion from last week. If you want in, but don't have an invite, join our sharing thread on Facebook and we'll hook you up!

Reader, we've got a surprise for you!

Well done for reading this far! As a gift, we've got a 🎁 for one lucky reader!

Does your business have premises? If so, this gift would be perfect for you! We're giving away a virtual tour of your business premises from Matthew Power Photography. No matter if you're running a physical shop, restaurant, pub or cafe, club, gym, wedding venue or a hotel, this would be a brilliant opportunity to showcase your premises in a unique way!

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