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Hello Reader,

We're super pleased with the ease of lockdown here in the UK (and some other countries). You're probably out and about meeting up with your mates and colleagues...if you're not too busy with work that is!

Have you been missing out on our Free Live Training sessions on Facebook Group? Tell us why in this quick poll and we'll promise to find a solution. Remember, our community is by you and for you, Reader.

In this Get Smart Social, we wanted to do something special; to shout out and recognise some of our expert's wins, big and small, and the way they're rocking it on social media.

So, in this month's quote we'd like you to consider to always look around you, look at your community, watch, learn & celebrate other people's experience and growth.

"Experience is a master teacher, even when it's not our own"

Gina Greenle

P.S Not ready to read the full email now? Save it for the weekend and read it with a cuppa 😉

Victoria Taylor

A master in creating customer experiences, but most importantly, "make people mater".

Victoria gave a brilliantly inspiring opening keynote at #CSMDay2020 and we can't but be forever grateful and impressed with all the valuable content and advice she gives in her blog, newsletter and even Instagram account.

She even wrote an eBook "Points Of Entry Strategy: Unlocking People Experience" and guess what...it's for FREE.

Kenda Macdonald

Want to know how you can Dominate your Marketing Automation? Look no further than our amazing Marketing Automation Ninja friend, Kenda! She brings a wealth of neuroscience and psychology to her marketing knowledge and helps businesses to rock their email marketing!

Ewa Orczykowska

When the student becomes the master! Ewa joined us as a community manager volunteer a little over six months now to learn marketing and social media.

Browse all the smart and insightful marketing content and tips on her Instagram account and you'll find that we can all learn something from her.

Sarah Clay

Sarah is absolutely rocking her LinkedIn game and we're super proud to see her constant growth!

From her Linkingout Club, blog, and brilliantly funny lessons, Sarah recently hosted the internationally-acclaimed speaker and author, Mark Schaefer to talk about "What is the greatest skill a marketer needs to have right now?"

John Espirian

This is a #ThursdayShout for John's renowned #FridayShout - a collection of posts to celebrate the nice people he knows on LinkedIn.

Have you managed to be on the list? The rules are simple. You should ...

  • Be nice, helpful and supportive.
  • Have up-to-date presence on LinkedIn.
  • Not be salesy, slimy or selfish.
  • Not ask to be on this list.

Joe Glover

Have you been listening to the amazing webinars that the positively lovely Joe has been hosting every Tuesday morning over at The Marketing Meetup? This week's talk with Jeremy Waite on How to tell stories with impact was our absolute favourite!

From Pippa Akram AKA SocialPip

There’s nothing more annoying than not reaching your followers, the very people who clearly want to see your content.

Reach feels tricky on Instagram right now but Pip’s got you covered in her latest IGTV.

⚡️PLUS Insta Reach: Part 2 is all about ways to reach a new audience in a time when hashtags aren’t performing like they used to so check that one out too.

Shifties Business Brunch

Are you based in or near St Neots? The Shifties Business Breakfast Brunch is back by popular demand. Join the Shifties in-person business networking event, where they'll kick off with a coffee and a chat before diving into the workshop element of the session.

Sarah Moore

Are you struggling to get the same reach and engagement on your Instagram as you used to? It's not just you, many Instagram users have been reporting decrease in their post performance. But all is not lost yet, check out this video from Sarah where you'll learn about 3 Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement 2021.

SEB Ticket to CSM Day 2021


Do you have your ticket to this year's virtual #CSMDay2021 already?

We still have a few Super Early Bird tickets available for just £49! The price will go up on 31st May.

The Super Early Bird ticket will give you full access to the two days of events, plus complete access to the post-event access. You know the saying, early bird catches the worm...

Upcoming events:

If you've missed any of our previous sessions, you can watch all the replays on our website.

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