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Hi Reader,

Let me ask you a very personal question: Do you enjoy selling your products or services?

Selling is one of the key activities necessary for your business to succeed. But it's also one of those activities that most people hate doing! (Myself including)

How many times have you said or thought something like this:

  • I don't like to sell [myself, my business, my products/services].
  • I feel uncomfortable posting sales posts & sending people promotional emails.
  • I feel like I'll be pestering and annoying people with too many sales messages.

Annoying pushy salespeople have ruined sales for all of us! 😤

From endless spam phone calls, people forcing flyers into your hands on the street, pop-up ads jumping at you the second you visit a website, or companies bombarding you with offers the second you give them your email…

Selling makes many of us uncomfortable, and even a bit disgusted. - Daniel H Pink

That's one of the reasons many small business owners are afraid to make one slightly salesy post on their social media or send an email with a clear offer. 😨

But without any sales, you don't have a business!

We need to sell. PERIOD.

Let's be honest, how often do YOU sell?

I don't mean one of the "soft sell" approaches where you include a quick note at the bottom of your educational post.

I mean a clearly promotional post. A short & sweet, to-the-point, spell-it-out promotional message!?

Soft vs hard sale, what’s the difference?
A hard sell is a direct, short-term sell, and a soft sell is an indirect, long-term sell. Most sales experts will recommend the soft sell. But the truth is, there's room for both approaches depending on your situation.” - Zendesk

So, tell me the truth - how often do you really sell?

The good news is that I can guarantee that most of you don't sell anywhere near enough to annoy people!

Depending on your posting frequency, current campaign focus or your offering, your selling frequency might change. But on average, I'd recommend you to share one hard-sell piece of content for every 3 value-add types of content.

And once you get into it, selling doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable.

Change of perspective

I want you to look at promoting your products or services as Telling instead of Selling.

You have something of incredible value that can change people's lives (or their businesses)!

People might be already looking for your type of product or service and all they need is a bit more information about when and how to work with you!

Or they might not know your type of solution even exists and is available to them. What a shame!

It's your job to tell them and to show them you can help (and how)!

People can't buy from you if you never tell them what you can do for them.

Instead of talking about the features of your offering, focus on the transformation that you can help them achieve:

  • Show them how you can help them thrive and live a better life or be the person they always wanted to be.
  • Show them how they can achieve their goals, and transform their business or life with your help...

Let's do it, shall we?!

I'd love to see your promotional posts!

Hit reply to this email or comment on my LinkedIn post about selling here.


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