Ready to change from a 'planner' to a 'doer'?

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Hello Reader,

We'll keep it light and short! After all, the sun is peeping out (FINALLY!) and you probably have a business to run and a life to live (we sure hope so πŸ˜…). Also, we couldn't resist sharing this uplifting song we received by our dear friend Thor A Rain.

Have you started looking back at your first half of the year and planning your second half? Do you aspire to be strategic or are you caught up in the tactics? Whatever it is you would like to achieve, today's quote is a reminder that whatever you plan, it takes "doing" to actually achieve it.

"We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things"
Herb Kelleher

P.S Not ready to read the full email now? Save it for the weekend and read it with a cuppa πŸ˜‰




From Katie Earl: how to repurpose social media posts into blogs

In this free video masterclass, learn how to repurpose social media posts into evergreen blogs that will generate leads for you again and again. Katie takes you through her step-by-step process that she uses to turn her clients' posts into beautifully optimised blogs they love using the example of one of her own LinkedIn posts.



From Camilla Richardson: why don't hashtags work on carousel posts?

We came across this post from Milla on Instagram and we thought you should know why your hashtags might not be working for your carousels, but most importantly why you shouldn't stop creating valuable carousels.



From Lyndsay Cambridge: how to create content that will help you attract better, high-paying clients

The ultimate goal of creating content is to increase leads and sales, right? But how often do you create content that specifically aims to attract the RIGHT people to your business? πŸ€” It might be getting you loads of leads, but not always from people who are the right fit. That's why Lyndsay came up with eight different types of content you can create to help you attract better, higher-paying clients.



From Sarah Clay: how to create must-have offers that are easy to sell

Have you ever created an online offer that just – well – bombed? You spent ages making it and no-one wanted to buy? Janine Coombes will be joining Sarah Clay's LinkingOut Club on Friday, June 25th at 1pm to help you sort that out! Janine will be here to tell you how to create offers that people will be buying before you’ve completed your eventbrite page!


From Andy Lambert: how to get press coverage and build links with Carrie Rose

In this webinar hosted by ContentCal, Carrie Rose, Rise at Seven Founder, will discuss how she built the one-of-a-kind agency and the secrets behind following in their success - as well as where they get the ideas and inspiration for their incredible content. Tune in on June 29th where Carrie will be talking about the secrets behind getting press coverage and building links.



From Pippa Akram: Instagram: How To Solve The 'What To Post Where' Question?

If Insta hashtags, tags and geotags aren't confusing enough I bet the last time you wondered whether the video you filmed belonged on the grid, stories, reels or IGTV wasn't too long ago! Instagram has so many placement options, how do you know what should go where? Let Pip help you out with that problem.


And something a bit different to close the first 6 months of Get Smart Social with a laugh!...


From Ryan Reynolds: Father's Day Vasectomy

You might love him from movies, but we love him from his viral and hilarious ads full of personality! If you haven't seen his latest video for Father's Day, make sure to check it out! The most refreshing cocktail in the world for the most refreshing job in the world... Dad.

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