marketing relationship status: it's complicated

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hey Reader,

If you go to Google and start typing "is digital marketing ...." here are some of the suggestions you get:

  • is digital marketing hard
  • is digital marketing the future
  • is digital marketing fun
  • is digital marketing worth it
  • is digital marketing stressful

And you know what? The answer is "yes"

The relationship with digital marketing is becoming more and more complicated. We don't want it to be. This is why Lenka and I are on a mission to bring more joy and sustainability to your marketing, business, and life.

After ten years of working in social media and digital marketing with businesses and agencies of all sizes and industries, here is the good news:

  • You can't master every digital marketing skill because it's hard
  • Digital marketing is/will be necessary to grow a business in the future
  • You don't have to love every aspect of it, but some parts are fun
  • Seeing clients and small local businesses succeed is worth it
  • Connecting with others, self-care and delegating makes it less stressful

As a digital marketing freelance, I am faced every day with the challenges of staying on top of all the insane (and sometimes unnecessary) updates, deciding whether I should have my clients create more Reels, run LinkedIn Audio, or explain that the IOS 14 privacy update means that users can opt-out of data collection in Facebook and Instagram, and and and....

The solution is not complicated:

  • Stay focused on your business and core strengths. Don't be dragged into every fad
  • Know what's happening in the digital space but be sceptical about what's relevant or not to your business
  • Dedicate time for your marketing activities as if it's an integral part of running your business
  • Delegate the hard stuff to a social media freelancer or even someone from your team that has the skills and enjoys the online space

Over to you 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Can you think of some ways to simplify your digital marketing today?
  • What aspects of your business (services) need digital marketing to grow?
  • What part of digital marketing is not fun/healthy for you?
  • Do you need to start delegating?

If you enjoyed this letter or know someone who needs the reminder, please share it with them, and they can also join us. In my following letter, I will introduce some of my favourite and essential tools in digital marketing that I hope will help you improve your relationship with digital marketing.


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