Let's meet in person again!

published10 months ago
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Hi Reader,

How did your new year start and how's it going a month and a half in?

For many, it's been a very turbulent couple of weeks and others have been absolutely smashing it, and some of us are still just getting started. No matter to which group you belong, trust that it's going to be OK.

And as always, it's better to do it together!

We're excited to host another panel discussion, this time on the topic of LEVEL UP your much-loved business!

We'll meet on Tuesday 7th March from 11am at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge and after short networking, we'll dive deep into discussion on how to grow your business.

We'll explore topics like budgeting & money management, fundraising & alternative ways of funding your business, outsourcing & hiring and strategically positioning your business through branding.

What's new in your life or business? - from Lenka

Let me start...

I've repositioned my business a little bit in the past two years. I've moved away from hands-on social media management. Now I focus mainly on working with coaches and health & well-being professionals 1-2-1 on their marketing as their guide.

And this year I finally found the time to start running new training programmes. Yay!

Next week I’m running an online masterclass where we’ll cover all the #LinkedInEssentials you need to know about for your business to thrive!

If you'd like to learn how to level up your LinkedIn game and turn it into a lead generation machine, join my 90-minute online masterclass on Friday 24th February | 10-11:30 am GMT.

💰 Ticket price £30

On SEO & UX Design - from Thana

A client asked me to deliver an SEO Masterclass on their UX Design programme to a group of young people from different backgrounds and levels in UX Design, which inspired my new blog post.

I look at the 'love' relationship between SEO & UX Design and how they work together to improve a website's overall performance. In short, if SEO and UX design have a baby, it would be a 'healthy and beautiful' website.

It's my way of saying: Happy Valentines Day to all small business owners.

Over to you!

We'd love to hear about your news, changes, wins or even struggles.

Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Drop us a message and we hope to see you in person in March!

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