is poker face fake or professional?

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Hey Reader,

I'm facing a work dilemma (well, I often face those), and I could use your help. I have this theory about three communication styles and expressing oneself, and I'm trying to figure out which could be the best one to adopt?

Welcome to my third letter in Letters from Lenka & Thana. I have a question for you...

is poker face fake or professional?

So I mentioned three styles of communication that come to mind when I think of the different personalities I observe at work.

Style 1: There are those who have been in the game (leadership and client-facing roles) for a long time; Most of what you see on the surface (enthusiasm, conviviality etc.) is not necessarily how they really feel. They own the game but are deprived of expressing their true opinions at most times!

Style 2: Those who wear a poker face so skilfully, tend to under-express (positive or negative, and calmly interact with others. Trouble stays away from them, but they rarely get what they want (I think).

Style 3: Those who, like me, are transparent to the point where you share your thoughts straight up, and your emotions appear on the surface and are apparent in your body language and face. We are true to ourselves but often find ourselves in challenging positions.

(Actual footage of me in some meetings👇😅)

So, let’s hear your thoughts 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Have you figured it out your best style of communication? Or are you still struggling to find your voice?
  • Did you experiment with different communication styles? Or did it come to you naturally with experience?
  • Are your professional relationships trouble and miscommunication-free?
  • Do you have any advice for us (those that are still struggling)?

Thanks for reading on 🙏 . If you know someone who would find this interesting or has answers, please do share it with them. In my next letter I will be talking about the complicated relationship with digital marketing of those who just want to spend their time doing what they love, or are tired of trying to figure out how to do well on social media.

Until next time, enjoy this,


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