Here's ONE thing you need to do this summer 🏖

publishedabout 2 years ago
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Hello you lovely Reader,

In this letter we're not going to give you things to do. The opposite! we're encouraging you to not do anything...except taking care of yourself. If you haven't noticed, the community and everyone we know has been either slowing down, going away, or simply pausing.

We too, Lenka and Thana, have decided to also take this time to work on that tan (whenever it's weatherly possible) but most importantly to acknowledge our (and your) need to take a break.

Catch us today Live to give a proper send off at 5 PM BST.

So, before we take off for the summer, we have ONE thing we think you should do this summer:

Recharge /riːˈtʃɑːdʒ/

1 : to make a new attack. 2 : to regain energy or spirit. 3 : to become charged again

Hesitated? We asked the community:

Why do you need to take a break? Here are some good examples that you're not alone

  • To enjoy a proper work/life balance
  • Recharge the brain fill it up with creative ideas, read books ...
  • As an Entrepreneur I like to binge break, if recharged effectively then it enables me to marathon faster
  • To make the most of the sunny weather
  • Because sometimes what you gave a level of importance to..isn't nearly as important as you thought..
  • To realign and recharge to be the best possible version of myself for my family and clients
  • To replenish my creative energy...sadly it is no bottomless
  • To give myself time to reflect and put life into perspective
  • I take a break when my brain needs a rest

And don't worry we have plenty in our pockets to get you back on track once you're back and ready for some learning.

  1. You can start by (re)watching all our previous training and workshops.
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