Consume less content and create more to fill up your creative tank

published11 months ago
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Hi Reader,

First, let me say a huge thank you to everyone who came to this week's in-person CSM Meetup in Cambridge.

We loved seeing everyone and we loved feeling the energy in the room & online afterwards even more!

One of the recurring topics was CREATIVITY and finding the time & space to be more creative...

And that got me thinking:

Is knowledge power? Or is it a hindrance?

Does knowing more make you more capable, and more motivated? Or does it stop you because of the analysis paralysis and overthinking all the little details that you know you should be considering?

Is the saying: "Ignorance is bliss" right?
Is it better to be a naive idiot rather than an overwhelmed know-it-all?

I think that we spend too little time doing nothing, having fun, experimenting, and being free to waste time and make mistakes.

Everything seems to be overly organised these days. We've got to the point where we schedule every minute of our lives - myself including!

That's one of the reasons why we often feel stuck and lack the inspiration to be creative.

I also think that we consume too much content!

We spend an unequal portion of our time consuming and being bombarded by external messages, instead of unplugging, looking within and creating.

I'm not saying throw all your plans out of the window, and jump from one thing to another without a purpose. That's not what I mean.

But I think that we need to find a better balance!

  • Time alone to think AND time with like-minded people to discuss our challenges & brainstorm alternative solutions
  • Time in bustling cafes feeling all the energy around us AND time in nature absorbing the silence
  • Time surrounded by like-minded people (or even people with different, opposing options) AND time in solitude
  • Reading & learning to explore new ideas AND journaling & meditation to discover new ideas from within
  • Getting more organised AND getting more spontaneous
  • Following the plan AND allowing yourself to let your free-spirited side drive your creativity
  • Focusing on 'hard core' business stuff & sales AND allowing time for fun & experimentation

What do you think that we need more or less off?

Where do you plan to spend more or less time in your life & business going forward?

For me, it is:

  • More time alone in nature for longer periods
  • More conversations with people discussing and problem-solving our challenges
  • More journaling, writing, and other experimental creating
  • Less time-consuming social media and online content
  • Less time looking at what others are doing and focusing on my own stuff instead

And how about you? Let me know as I'd genuinely love to know!


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