Are you afraid of trying new things? I am! 😨

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Hi Reader,

My last email was all about getting better at marketing, focusing on improving your strengths and mastering a few skills that you really enjoy doing that can make a big difference in your marketing and your business.

Today’s topic has very little to do with work and marketing (except it has a lot to do with it, read on, you’ll see what I mean).

Contrary to my last email where I explained why I think it's more beneficial to focus on improving our strengths than trying to eliminate our weaknesses...

Today I want to talk about learning something new.

But no, it’s not a contradiction to my last email. I’m not saying to work on improving your weaknesses.

I mean trying something completely new and different from what you already know. Exploring a new leisure pursuit, having fun with a new hobby, learning a new skill...

Hear me out!

When was the last time you decide to learn a new skill, something utterly unrelated to your profession?

It doesn’t matter what it was, a new skill, something that maybe you think you might not be good at or something you know you won't be able to master anytime soon... Or ever...

I don't mean learning SEO or ads as a digital marketer or upskilling in nutrition or experimenting with meditation as a PT - those are wonderful things to want to learn, but not my point!

Playing into your strengths means focusing on mastering one skill, honing your craft and becoming remarkably good at doing one thing better and/or differently than others to stand out from the crowd.

Learning something completely new means expanding your brain in a new direction! It means you’re pushing your brain to build new neural connections.

(I could go on a long tangent of neuroscience research to back this up, but I won't bore you with that.)

Who knows, you might even unlock some hidden powers of your brain that can help you bring a fresh perspective to your day-to-day life and work, improve on your craft from an unusual angle and make your strengths even better and more powerful.

See, I told you there’s a connection to work and marketing. There always is!

Over to you ⤵️

  • When was the last time you decide to learn a new skill, something utterly unrelated to your work, something bizarre, something random, something fun?
  • Or should I rather ask - When was the last time you attempted to learn something new? When did you try and either succeeded or failed at trying something new?
  • And what was it?

I must admit that I’m pretty bad at this. I’m afraid of making mistakes and looking silly while attempting something new.

I will comfortably challenge myself in areas I’m already fairly familiar with, but trying something new scares me…

But I’m committed to saying YES to more random things, to look around more for new activities I never tried before and feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

Any suggestions?


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